Thank you for looking into our office. If you are on our page it more than likely a sign that you are looking for some help getting back to the happy, healthy life that you deserve. We promise to give you our 100% to help you get back the lifestyle you want.

Welcome to Vernor Chiropractic Clinic

We are located at 5901 W Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48209. Our office can be easily accessed from I-94 if you exit on Livernois and proceed south to Vernor, off I-75 if you exit off Clark or Dragoon exits and proceed North to Vernor, for our New Center, Midtown, Downtown, corktown neighbor we are Right South of Michigan Avenue after the famous Detroit train station.

I attended Wayne State University in Detroit before any hint of Detroit being rebuilt. I always wanted to help and be a part of the city I was born in. The neighborhood our office is in is at the center of all cultures. A mix of races, languages, and religious makes this the ideal location for myself and those who love diversity. I chose to be a Detroit chiropractor because i had never felt more welcomed in any other city, state, or country I had lived in. It is easy to embrace a community which embraces you so warmly.

We are proud of our office & all the accomplishments we have had over the years. I am trilingual speaking English, Spanish, and Arabic, all our staff is at least bilingual. We have helped thousands of patients who have been told there was no solution to their condition. We are proud to offer cold laser therapy, pulse electromagnetic field therapy, spinal decompression, we perform intensive myofacial release, A specialized muscle release techniques, trigger point therapy, and many more very effective protocols that help accelerate results in what may seem otherwise chronic and permanent conditions. We offer very late appointments to help accommodate seasonal workers who get off work late and business travelers who catch a late flight back home. Many times seeing our last even at 9:00pm.

Our office has been at the leading edge in getting results with headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, numbness, and tingling of arms and legs and many other conditions affecting the hardworking people of our community.

As distracted driving has become much more prevalent thanks to mobil phones we have had a surge in motor vehicle accidents and injuries relating to these accidents as well.

Some misconceptions people may have about chiropractic in Detroit is that it will hurt. There are many gentle methods that can help those with fear of treatment they need without the fear of pain.

Others come in expecting a massage or just a quick treatment. At our office we evaluate the patient conditions, take x-rays to help diagnose cause of symptoms and set a detailed, personally customized treatment plan that is right for reaching the maximum possible results we can obtain. This help ensure longer lasting results and a quicker recovery time.

We are easy to reach, you can call us seven days a week to schedule an appointment by dialing (313) 554-4357. You can email us or you can send us a message on our Facebook page. Our Detroit chiropractic team can get you in to be evaluated the same day. So, feel free to contact us for a no cost consultations if you still have any questions or concerns about your needs or if chiropractic or our clinic is the solution to the problems you are suffering from.